Jet Propulsion Center

Jet Propulsion Center

Precision with Passion: Soaring Skies with Expert Jet Engine Overhaul and Specialized Maintenance.


Our Jet Propulsion Centre has capabilities for repair and overhaul of jet engines, auxiliary power units, thrust reversers and various engine parts with excellent turn around-times.

The Saudia Technic engine maintenance center houses a number of specialized shops, including clean line, non-destructive testing (NDT) composite, plating (polishing, etching; shot peen and glass bead peen), plasma, paint, welding, machine (jig boring, drilling and reaming, grinding, electro discharge, turning, CNC grinding, lathe and turning machine with five axis travelling column capability), balancing, blades and vanes, sheet metal, thrust reverser, QEC, bearing, harness and heat treatment shops. Test Cell 14m x 14m, 150,000 lbs thrust. Modules and most of the piece parts are overhauled in house.


Overhaul Capability

  • Engine and Test Cell : CFM56-5B4/3 (A320/A321)
  • APU : GTCP331-350 (A330) GTCP331-500 (B772/B773)

Overhaul Capability: Under Development

  • Engine and Test Cell : CFM56-2A (E-3 Sentry AWACS)
  • Engine and Test Cell : LEAP 1A (A320 NEO)
  • Engine and Test Cell : GE90-115B (B773)

QEC Buildup/ Minor Repair Capability

  • Engine and Test Cell : Trent 772B-60 / 16 (A330 International)
  • Engine and Test Cell : Trent 768B-60 / 16 (A330 Regional)
  • Engine and Test Cell : GE90-94B (B772) / GE90-l15B (B773)
  • Engine and Test Cell : GEnx-1B70 (B787-9) / GEnx-2B67 (B747-8)



    European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
    European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)
    General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

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