ST Stars Award and ST Stellar Ceremony for Q4

Strong closer for 2023: Efforts of Saudia Technic’s employees honored at ST Stars Award and ST Stellar Ceremony for Q4
12 February 2024

In 2023, Saudia Technic had a remarkable end to the year as many employees were recognized, during the ST Stars Award and ST Stellar Ceremony for Q4, for their exceptional efforts. The ceremony, held at the Main Admin Building of the MRO, celebrated individuals from each department for their unwavering commitment to embodying Saudia Technic's core values: Safety, Accountability, Excellence, and Ingenuity. 

Their dedication and hard work played a pivotal role in the company's success. Moreover, 3 groups at ST Stellar were recognized for their outstanding innovations that helped the company grow, namely the the Engine Emergency Support Team, MRO Village Mega Move & Inauguration, in addition to the Establishment of Dedicated Helicopter Maintenance Center. 

During the ceremony, an overview of the remarkable performance and achievements achieved by Saudia Technic were highlighted. Captain Fahd Cynndy, the CEO of Saudia Technic, delivered an inspiring speech, filled with gratitude and encouragement. He expressed his appreciation for the employees' contributions, pledging to continue working towards a brighter future, united by a common goal of ensuring safety and quality. 

Captain Fahd also stated that Saudia Technic will become among the top 3 positions when it comes to performance and quality, while encouraging all staff members to reach operational sustainability. As the employees proudly held their well-deserved trophies, they made a heartfelt pledge to continue giving their best, striving for excellence, and supporting Saudia Technic in achieving its goals. The ST Stars Award and ST Stellar Ceremony served as a moment of recognition and motivation for the employees, inspiring them to continue making a positive impact within the company.

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